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We are proud to be a certified reseller and installer of the Forno Bravo oven kits. These kits are a fantastic option for anyone interested in a DIY project, or for anyone working with a contractor that does not specialize in wood-burning ovens. Oven kits provide a consistent level of quality that guarantees you’ll enjoy using your oven and have a product that lasts.

For serious DIYers, an oven kit is the most cost-effective way to make that wood-fired oven dream a reality.  Even with a kit, building a wood-fired oven is a big undertaking.

If you have not read our Planning a Project page, start there to understand the scope of this project and what components you will need in addition to an oven kit (which contains all the materials you need to assemble the oven appliance itself).

Compare Wood-fired Oven Appliances

ComponentOven KitOven Kit
Oven Core
built on-site
foundation slab
oven base or standx
crossover slabx
appliance materialsxxx
appliance assemblyxx
appliance insulation
and weatherproofing
basic ventingxxx
additional venting for
ovens under a roof
finish-out veneerx
shipping cost
All wood-fired ovens are more than just the oven appliance. When comparing options, this chart helps you see what components are included in the listed price.


Hand-built ovens vs. oven kits

The functional oven appliance can be either a custom built firebrick oven, or an assembled oven kit. Either oven will end up covered by the final masonry. The oven itself (except when you light a fire and can see inside) is the part that doesn’t show, but it is key to actually cooking in your oven and getting the results you hope for.

At Texas Oven Co. we are passionate about cooking with wood and we want all of our customers to end up cooking in their ovens, entertaining friends and family around the fire, sharing delicious wood-fired food. That means we want everyone to have a quality oven appliance. For us, the kit or hand-built question is less important than the questions of quality.

Starting with an oven kit guarantees a level quality that is difficult for most masons or DIYers to match.

Why we sell Forno Bravo oven kits

Forno Bravo offers consistent, high quality oven kits, and some creative oven options at lower price points.

When you buy a Forno Bravo pizza oven from Texas Oven Co. we’ll help you through the entire process from choosing the right kit, ordering, and installation, even consulting with another contractor doing a larger project for you.

We carry Forno Bravo ovens in two formats: fully assembled kits and modular oven kits (everything you need to assemble your own pizza oven). Check out Forno Bravo’s At-a-Glance Table to see the features and sizes for every Forno Bravo residential oven.

Oven kits for restaurants

We carry the Forno Bravo commercial ovens for restaurants. These ovens are available in wood-burning models, gas and dual fuel.  If you are interested in a hand-crafted pizza oven, check out the Our Ovens page.