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Designing Your Oven

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In designing your oven remember that the finished oven is a permanent feature in the landscape. Think in terms of designing your oven to compliment the architecture of your home and to maximize the features of your landscape. Take some time to get advice about oven styles and how they fit into your landscape and overall plan.

Exposed or enclosed dome?

When talking about designing your oven, we usually start by asking if you envision an exposed or enclosed dome.

The exposed dome and clean design allowed this homeowner to have a full 50″ internal diameter oven in a comparatively small space.

Most people have a strong preference for one or the other. Both have advantages and the building cost is about the same, so this is an area where you should go with the look you prefer.


This enclosed dome adds extra protection tot he oven and creates an anchor point between patio and yard. The simple stucco design keeps the look light.

Designing your oven with the site in mind

Do you have a view too beautiful to hide? Or a rugged landscape that needs balance? Do you have a small space? Shade trees? Wind? Afternoon sunlight? What do you see from the house? Before you build, talk with us about suggestions for what works with the features of your site.

We replaced an unused fireplace with this custom oven, sweeping the flue back to incorporate the original fireplace and preserve the beautiful living canopy.

Make it visually appealing

We’re experienced in designing ovens to be visually appealing with expert functionality. A wood-fired oven should be a premier cooking device that enhances your outdoor space. Check out our gallery for ideas for designing your oven with function and landscape perspective in mind.

Design for functional style

Check out the photos below for examples of oven styles–open, simple, massive–and how they’re often featured. We’re experienced in building with materials native to Texas and creating wood-fired ovens and outdoor cooking devices to compliment Texas landscapes.

Oven on a stand: Often featured in small landscapes or to avoid obstructing a beautiful view.

Even this professional-sized oven looks lighter and more modern on a stand.
This design preserves the beautiful lake view.

Oven with uncovered dome: Often used in small to moderate landscapes, not to dominate the space, where an emphasis on the beautiful curve of the dome is a focal point. Many people like the exposed dome because it evokes the romance and history of cooking in wood-burning ovens.

This Forno Bravo oven kit is finished with an exposed dome
in a Mediterranean style that matches the landscape.

Oven with enclosed dome: Often found in large, rugged landscapes or when an oven is built into a wall. These can add visual weight and balance, as part of an outdoor kitchen, to obstruct or block an aspect of the landscape or shield an area from wind. Enclosing the dome is also a great way to shield it from extreme weather.

Designed to match the modern stucco and steel architecture,
this exposed dome oven has a stylized, modern look.

Designing your oven is the icing on the cake. Whichever style you choose, the functional oven core is the same. You’ll be roasting, baking, smoking and enjoying delicious food with the distinctive taste of cooking with wood.

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