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Kindling Cracker wood-fired oven pizza oven safely split kindling with Kindling Cracker

Kindling Cracker

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Do you recognize this new tool? The tool, invented by 16-year-old Ayla Hutchinson, made her “one of the world’s top teen innovators” and launched her business, The Kindling Cracker.

kindling cracker for wood-burning oven pizza oven splits kindling

What is the Kindling Cracker?

The Kindling Cracker is a new product for safely cutting wood into kindling. Ayla invented this wood splitter to “make sure my mum kept all of her fingers and limbs intact”* when she was cutting kindling for fires. It gets cold in the winter where the Hutchinsons live, so they build fires for heating purposes. But Ayla hopes that whether you own a wood-fired oven, a pizza oven, an outdoor fireplace, an indoor fireplace, or any wood-burning stove, the Kindling Cracker will be a helpful tool.

Ayla observes that “lots of little kindling helps fires to start quickly and this is why I invented the Kindling Cracker.”** If you own a wood-fired oven, you know the importance of kindling in starting a fire (see our blog on starting a top-down fire). I’ve built lots of fires with what’s at hand in the way of kindling, including twigs and small branches from pruning and raking. People ask about buying kindling (retailers sell expensive kindling products online) but you don’t need them. You just need some small pieces of quick-catching wood. If you have well seasoned wood for burning, the Kindling Cracker makes quick work of breaking it into kindling.

Kindling-Cracker splits wood for wood-burning oven, pizza oven


With a Kindling Cracker you need only another piece of wood or a hammer to split kindling. This makes it safer.


Kindling Cracker wood-fired oven pizza oven

Kindling Cracker wood-fired oven pizza oven


Great gift idea

The Kindling Cracker would make a unique gift for the owner of a wood-fired oven, outdoor fireplace, indoor or outdoor wood-burning heat stove.

Source of wood and kindling

Because we live in the city, I rely on Butler Wood for regular deliveries of double-split wood. Butler Wood supplies perfectly seasoned wood, cut in 14-17″ lengths, and delivered on a schedule that matches my oven use. Texas Oven Co. also supplies our customers with sufficient wood to get a good start in a new oven. We’ve focused on the importance of burning properly seasoned and cut wood in other blogs.

Kindling, however, is sometimes an after thought for the owner of a wood-fired oven. We just find something handy, like twigs and wood shavings to get a fire going. With a tool like the Kindling Cracker, however, it is easy to split up a uniformly sized stack and store it for ready to use.

Ayla’s goal

I’m not connected with Ayla’s business or commissioned to sell her Kindling Cracker, but I am happy to note the work of a young inventor with an attitude of service as you see in her goal. “I admire anyone who creates things that make a positive difference to peoples lives. I want to grow up to be someone who can make a difference.”***

kindling-cracker wood-burning oven pizza oven

Kindling Cracker home

* Kindling Cracker, home page about Ayla

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*** Application, Kindling-Cracker@GoogleScienceFair


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